A credit repair company is an organization that helps you to boost your credit score using different methods. These methods include checking if your credit scores with the credit bureaus are accurate, handling any arising credit report disputes, fixing your credit report, repairing your credit report in case of bad debts and so on. In simple terms, a credit repair company is a firm that assists you to better your financial situation.

What can you expect from Blue Water Credit Repair Company?

There are several individuals out there who prefer the “do it myself” approach when it comes to matters to do with their credit, and ignore the services and advises offered by a credit repair company. Whatever suits you, it’s upon you to decide. Below is what to expect from Blue Water Credit Repair Company

  1. Blue Water Credit Repair Company checks on the accuracy of the assertions recorded in your credit score report as per the credit bureaus
  2. Blue Water Credit Repair Company initiates a credit report dispute after discovering inaccuracies in your credit report: pursuing them until they are completely deleted from your credit report
  3. Blue Water Credit Repair Company will advise you (the indebted person) about the best methods you can adopt to improve your credit score more quickly.
  4. Blue Water Credit Repair Company will counsel you regarding the best ways to handle your finances to avoid falling into debt traps again.
  5. Blue Water Credit Repair Company facilitates avenues that will help you to earn your livelihood again.
  6. Blue Water Credit Repair Company keeps a close eye on credit reports maintained by each credit bureau to prevent any mistakes that could deteriorate your credit score.
  7. Blue Water Credit Repair Company will show you how to keep a good income to credit ratio that will be used to determine your credit score

What cannot be done by Blue Water Credit Repair Company

Several people approach credit companies expecting them to work like a genie in a magic lamp. The following cannot be done by Blue Water Credit Repair Company:

  1. Settling any credit report misunderstandings overnight – it takes at least 60 days to settle a credit report dispute.
  2. Restoring your credit score instantly- You’ll need at least six months to restore your credit score.
  3. Wiping off bad debts immediately – it will require a minimum of 6 months to alter the data contained in your credit report – This is done by deleting the items that are being reported in error
  4. Wiping off traces of bankruptcy – A credit repair company can work on developing your credit score, but bankruptcy will remain on your report for at least seven years
  5. Increasing your credit score overnight- Increasing your credit score is a gradual process that needs at least 3-6 months, so don’t expect it to be done overnight.

How to spot a fraudulent credit repair company

There are plenty of crooked people out there who take advantage of the innocence and helplessness of indebted people to make quick cash. Here are three warning signs you should look out for when choosing a credit repair company to avoid fraudsters:

  1. The company demands their full payment before service delivery.
  2. The company promises you unbelievably quick results.
  3. The company introduces you to illegitimate ways of fixing and improving your credit scores

Please stay away from such companies to be on the safe side. Also, remember that bankruptcy and debt problems are not forever. But using illegitimate tactics to better your credit score will backfire and leave you jailed or in bad books forever.