In The Know With Bay Area SEO Pros

Say you are a business with a website that doesn’t generate the kind of traffic that you want or need. You are aware that you need people on the internet to be able to see your site and what you are offering for your business to take off. You’ve heard of the term search engine optimization but you’re not sure if it’s really what you need.


Search engine optimization, better known by the acronym SEO, is the process of improving your website for it be more “searchable” for people on the web looking for services similar to what you are offering. It helps your site show up in the top results for your targeted keyword. This means that potential clients will be able to see your site first, look up what your services are, and make up their mind if they want to do business with you or not. One of the ways to keep your site optimized for search engine queries is by creating a blog whose content is targeted for your potential clients. What use is optimizing this blog, you ask? There are several reasons a blog can help with optimizing your site.

It keeps your content updated and original. Fresh content keeps people interested. It’s not enough to get people to see and click on your site. You need to keep them there and check you out so they’ll feel more confident in doing business with you.


Long-tail keyword targeting. Blogs help your site target these so-called long-tail keywords. These are search words of at least four words. Nearly half of all search engine queries are made using long-tail keywords. This means that optimizing your blog for these searches gives you that many more opportunities to be visible to your targeted audience, getting them interested, and eventually getting them as your clients.


It gives you more opportunities for internal linking. What most people fail to realize is the importance of internal links on your website. Say you are a customer and you clicked on a link to a blog on a certain website. Problem is, the blog does not contain links to other pages within the website. You are interested in what they have to say, you have to have more info but they appear uninterested in getting you that info by making it difficult to find the topic that you want. A good blog post contains the optimum number of links to related topics within the website so the information that your potential customer may want or need is easily obtainable. You keep the customer on your site longer making him more inclined to be your client.


Earning external links. Your website needs to have links from other sites back to be viewed as authoritative by search engines and their algorithms. If you have a high-quality blog post, there is that much more reason for other sites to create links back to yours. 

This means that traffic gained from their SEO has a chance of going to your site as well, increasing your site’s visibility.


Don’t underestimate the power of a business blog. It’s one of the most important tools there is in the SEO arsenal. Strengthen your blog and watch your traffic increase.


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